About Cody


Hello and welcome!

This blog is a portfolio of homilies, essays, and sundry reflections on life, theology, history, and popular culture.

I am a seminarian in the Episcopal Church, studying monastic┬áhistory, liturgy, and pastoral ministry at Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary in Collegeville, Minnesota. I am a ministry developer for the Episcopal Church in Minnesota, focusing principally on college and young adult ministry. I also worship and serve at the Episcopal Cathedral of Saint Mark. I am a friend of the Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis and am an Oblate of Saint Benedict.

My academic interest in medieval monasticism and Christian discipleship. I think and write a great deal about the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Communion of Saints, liturgy, peace and justice, gender and sexuality, and mysticism. I enjoy baking and knitting and try (unsuccessfully) from time-to-time to paint with watercolor.

I was baptized Lutheran, raised evangelical, spent some time with the United Church of Christ, was catechized by Roman Catholic nuns and monks, and now hang my (Canterbury) cap with the Episcopal Church, where I am discerning religious life and ordination to the priesthood.